Circle of friends of the István Kertész Foundation

Mr. István Kertész z'l, the since deceased citizen of Balassagyarmat formed our Foundation in 1992. He donated his own property for this reason.

Main goal of the civil foundation is to protect, to guard, to publicize and (if  its possible) to develop  the values of the once prosperous jewish heritage of the city.  Our community's current leader is József Bauer, and he is also the president of the advisory board of the foundation.

The advisory board decided to found the Circle of friends of the István Kertész Foundation on 11. 11. 2008.


Mr. János Nádel, Mr. Ferenc Javori (nicknamed: "Fegya") and Mr. Ernő Szirmai at the old tabernacle on Hunyadi street, when the Circle of friends was founded. (Photographed by: Gábor Dékány, 11. 11. 2008.)

Goals of the Circle of Friends:

  • To follow up the activities of the Foundation, which protects the jewish heritage of the area, and also try to help out financially and in any other possible way.
  • Try to contact and keep in touch with those, who live here, and with those, whose provenance was this city.
  • Try to build public relationships and also to popularize the Foundation.

Conditions to be entitled to become a member of the Circle of Friends:

  • Every person, who aided the Foundation or the Exhibition or aided the maintance of the cemetery, or the process of  the protection of the local jewish memories in any shape or form (for example who gave us the 1 per cent of his/her tax.).

We also welcome any kind of family or other photos related to Balassagyarmat, either the real documents or copies, and also any possible material memories.

Founding members:

Mr. and Mrs. József Bauer, Dr. Zsuzsanna Frankfurter, Mr. Béla Majdán, Mr. István Lombos,  Mrs. Rozália Fábián (née Kohn), Mrs. Pál Szabó from Balassagyarmat, and Mrs. Ottó Ács (née Ella Szegedin), Mr. György Kárpáti, Mrs. Endre Kovács (née Éva Salamon),  Mr. János Nádel, Mr. Ernő Szirmai from Budapest.

Translated by Majdán Béla Jr.